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If you are a church, this is just for you! We do our best work with churches between 800 and 2,000 people that can’t afford to hire an executive pastor and pay them a six-figure salary. Ministry is full of competing priorities, agendas, budgets, and needs.

Many times organizations just need someone to come in and help make sense of it all, while having the experience to bring the right solutions at the right time. In the end, we still function like an executive pastor by helping to make the senior pastor’s vision a reality.

We do this by focusing on three main areas.

Most senior pastors have a dream or a vision of who God is calling their church to become. They can see it, hear it, and even smell it. The problem is that hope is not a strategy. You can’t hope your way to greater impact, better environments, or a lasting legacy. Many times you need someone to help scale and extend your church in order to change the direction and priorities for the sake of the long-term vision. Together, we assess both internal and external factors in order to build a clear plan and then help you execute it.

Every leader is different, but many times people try to treat them the same. We don’t do that. Instead, we take a different approach to leadership development to figure out what their unique edge is so that they can lead at a new level with confidence and effectiveness. Develop the right people, the right way and you’ll have the key to unlocking the next level of your church.

Another part of organizational health is how your team functions. Teams work hard to get the job done and reach their goals. Sometimes in the pursuit of doing great things, we lose sight of our relationships in order to check the next box. We offer unique solutions to help bring teams back together through fun experiences, which boost morale and catapult them back into their groove.

As Andy Stanley likes to say, “Blame the system not the person.” One of the toughest things for churches to do well is building, following, and improving on their systems and processes. It’s not sexy, but it is the difference between effectiveness and aggravation. We look at everything and help improve current practices, while making specific, reliable recommendations for change.

One of the things we look at is how churches measure results and answer the question, “Are we winning?” Measurement is the part of the system or process that helps define success. We work with you to establish key performance indicators, which clearly communicate health and success.

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